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Welcome to the London Technology Fund

The London Technology Fund (LTF) is a venture capital fund that backs technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) at the very earliest stage of development, with strong growth prospects, and that are based in Greater London. If your company will not be based in London, you can find some useful links that may be helpful.

We back ambitious teams and will work with you to achieve strong results. Our focus is on the following sectors:

  • Communications
  • Computer (hardware, internet, semiconductors and software)
  • Other electronics related
  • Biotechnology
  • Medical (instruments, pharmaceuticals and healthcare)
  • Emerging technologies (such as nanotechnology)
  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Physical sciences and engineering
  • New materials
  • Value added manufacturing

Whenever we invest we do so on a 'matched basis', which means we invest alongside other investors. We are happy to work with investors you already know, such as business angels or venture capitalists, or help you to find investors.

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We can also refer start-ups needing guidance to an independent source of advice to assist them in becoming investment ready. If you are working in a university or medical research establishment we suggest that you contact your Technology Transfer Office (TTO) for assistance in the first instance.

This website will provide you with information about:

If you are in the process of raising capital for your own business, then this website provides a direct means of making an approach to us.

Investment readiness

There are a number of sources of advice to help new businesses become 'investment ready'. Services available include help with the following:

  • Preparing a business plan and financial projections
  • Identifying appropriate sources of funding
  • Protecting IPR

Sources of help include the following:

  • Technology transfer office - if you are in a university, government research institute or the NHS, you should have access to a technology transfer office that will provide assistance in making your business proposal 'investment ready.'
  • Gateway 2 Investment - this is a new initiative, supported by the London Development Agency, which is designed to assist early stage technology companies. It will help formulate business strategy and structure, offer workshops to raise the quality of propositions prior to meeting investors, offer access to self assessment, diagnostic and support tools, and offer guidance on the various technology networks in London. For further details see
  • Business Link for London - various forms of assistance are available, including a subsidised service for businesses that are or will be based in an 'Objective 2' area of London. These are areas designated by the EC as in particular need of regeneration. Objective 2 areas in London include parts of the following: East London, Outer Thames Gateway, Lee Valley, Wembley and Park Royal. There is a postcode checker available. The Objective 2 area service is subsidised by up to 87% for start-ups and up to 75% for existing businesses. For further details see

Further details, including examples of firms offering corporate finance advice, are available in the booklet, Sources of Finance for SMEs in London, which is produced by Company Guides Limited. Individual copies are available from Business Link by telephoning 0845 6000 787.

Please be sure to read this important legal information.